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Sandra Kemayou, Million-Dollar Mindset and Business Coach and founder of
Map To Clients, LLC, has a unique ability. You see, she can tap into her clients’
strengths and weaknesses to spot knowledge and revenue gaps and devise a
strategic, one-of-a-kind, wealth-generating business approach. And it’s because of
this talent that she has helped clients around the world pull in over $100 million in
Raised with business in her blood, Sandra knows what it takes to build a
successful, profitable business. She knows what needs to happen – the action steps,
the mindset, the challenges that can arise – and she knows how to move seamlessly
through it all. A dedicated self-starter, Sandra coached her first client when she
was only 8 years old!
With decades of coaching experience, Sandra penned her best-selling book,
“Hiding in Plain Sight” in 2017 and continues to use her unique business insight to
teach and mentor entrepreneurs, corporate executives and small business owners
worldwide. She has spoken at events hosted by the NAACP and the Congressional
Black Caucus, and she has also shared her wisdom via various national media
outlets including ABC.
From working with billion-dollar companies in corporate America to individual
coaches and small business owners, Sandra knows how to not only build profitable
businesses but also use wealth to transform lives. Because of her advanced
business skills, she is frequently asked to speak on topics ranging from:
• Earning 6 Figures as an Entrepreneur
• Cultivating the Right Mindset
• Starting a Premium Online Business
• Knowing When to Outsource
• How to Build the Right Team
• Working as an Entrepreneur while Working 9-5
• How to Write a Book in 90 Days
Sandra is the ultimate problem solver who meets any issue with curiosity and a
smile. Her commitment to every client’s happiness and success is unmatched, and
she uses her experiences to encourage others to stop hiding and to make money
from their gifts.

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"When you learn, teach, when you get, give."
- Maya Angelou


July 10, 2018

Envision Creative A.R.T. is a visual marketing firm that provides comprehensive, creative, and captivating visual marketing expertise through an array of services that include print design, website development, visual branding, social media management, and general marketing consulting. I take pride in helping clients discover their brand and determine the best approach to visually translating their brand messages.

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