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“Working with Sandra and her Map to Clients program was a game-changer for me. From zero sales, I now have my own office space, a team of four, and significant business success. Sandra’s coaching helped me triple and quadruple my investment, and her strategies truly transformed my coaching business. If you want real results, don’t hesitate to work with her.”

– Fatima Barnes, Beauty Brands Business Coach

Map to Clients changed my life and transformed my coaching business. The structure, guidance, and expert support provided by Sandra and her team helped me go from a small flame to an exploding success. In just three weeks after joining, I launched and got five new clients. The brilliance of the program, along with the support of the entire team, helped me create a legitimate and professional coaching program that I’m incredibly proud of. Thank you, Map to Clients, for magnifying my greatness!”

– Ashley Corbett, Maternal Mental Health Coach

Sandra provided me with the methods and processes to ensure that I had a business that was running systematically, effectively, and efficiently. It enabled me to market my program to premium clients at premium prices. After going through the Maps to Client process, my rate has a comma in it, and the right clients are eager to get started.”

– Angela Hollowell, CEO of Lead the Success Coach Company

Working with Sandra was a game-changer for me. After making zero sales in over six months, I launched my product and made five sales in less than 30 days. The one-on-one support, strategy, and accountability provided in the program are invaluable. Sandra’s guidance helped me gain clarity, show up in new ways, and build the successful business I’ve envisioned. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Sandra to anyone looking to build a six-figure coaching business and beyond.”

– Vicki Callix-Smith, Systems Coach and Automation Expert

“Sandra is an absolute amazing and inspirational coach. She has the innate ability to pull the absolute best out of you. She’s an amazing leader, a great coach, and it’s an absolute honor to know her.”

– Business Coach Mallory Tadimi

I owe my success and ‘Reinventing Yourself’ program to her guidance. Anyone ready for change should absolutely turn to Sandra and her program. Thank you, Sandra, for the invaluable investment!

– Terrie

“I’m Laronda Johnson, a relationship coach with my husband. We’ve been coaching for a decade, married for two, and officially launched our program in 2019. After three previous coaches, we came across Sandra’s ‘Map to Clients’ program through a Facebook ad. Initially skeptical, I was quickly convinced after talking to Sandra and watching her videos. We joined, and from Module One, I realized it provided the insights we’d been missing. We’ve already gained two clients and haven’t even completed the program yet! I’d highly recommend ‘Map to Clients’ to anyone looking to enhance or kick-start their business. It covers everything from naming your business to a full online launch. I’m grateful to be part of this journey. Thank you

Laronda Johnson

“I recently completed Sandra Kemayou’s ‘Map to Clients’ online coaching program, and it’s truly exceptional. The content Sandra provides is of the highest quality, and her customer service is top-notch. I’ve always had direct access to Sandra with weekly Q&A calls, and she’s very present, offering monthly trainings in her Facebook group. I discovered her through her engaging Facebook ads and felt compelled to join. Just three weeks in, I secured three paying clients! If you’re considering it, know this: the program works if you do. I’d recommend it to anyone, from my best friend to my own family. The value and support from Sandra are unmatched. If you’re hesitant about joining, don’t be. Dive in, you won’t regret it. Bye!”

Theresa Hawthorne from Turn Up Your Life Motivation

I was contemplating which coach to choose, seeking someone who could provide direction and depth. Sandra kept resonating with me. My intuition said, ‘Choose Sandra.’ When we finally spoke, our conversation flowed naturally, exceeding the allotted time. It felt like talking to a mirror; she had faced struggles I could relate to. What stands out about Sandra is her genuine connection and dedication to helping others.


Having been apprehensive at the beginning, I can now affirmatively say Sandra is worth the leap of faith, living up to her promise. In short, Sandra is an incredible coach and person, and I’m beyond grateful for her guidance.

-Alicia Hollowell

Sandra is unparalleled in the world of business coaching. She’s not just knowledgeable but deeply cares for and invests in her clients. Sandra’s standout quality is her ability to swiftly pinpoint issues and offer solutions. Whenever I’m faced with a challenge or in need of guidance, she’s my go-to. Truly, Sandra is a transformative force, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking genuine progress.

Lana Cairos

I recently had a VIP strategy session with Sandra Kameyou. I’m thrilled about the strategies she’s introduced to 10x my business in the next 90 days. We delved deep into understanding my target audience, from names to pain points. Thank you, Sandra, for the invaluable insights, resources, and ongoing motivation to elevate my business


I’m a relationship coach, quantum master healer, and founder of I signed up for Sandra’s program when I was almost ready to give up. I’d tried numerous programs before with no success. But something about Sandra’s energy and authenticity stood out. When I spoke to her, it just felt right. Her program is direct, cutting out unnecessary fluff, and she has this unique ability to get you to implement immediately, which is crucial in business. I’m currently midway through and it’s been fantastic. If you’re doubting, I’d say jump in. I truly believe in what Sandra offers and trust her approach. You won’t regret it. 

-Ray Ann



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