I was recently asked in my group MAP TO CLIENTS – BUSINESS COACHING FOR ENTREPRENEURS what I would do if I was a brand new coach and had no money to spend on marketing.

This was such an intriguing question because I have tried a lot of things in the past that have not worked. They were simply not realistic for my life and my personality. I did not want to tag a bunch of people and get kicked out of groups on social media. I did not want to attend endless networking events ( I have three boys). So I had to really think about the answer to this question and reach out to some of my fellow coaches.

Here is the list of things you can do today to get paying clients that require no money.

Keep in mind that when you go this route, your process is much much slower. Also, the more clarity you have around your niche and your offer the better you can implement the list below.

1. Pull up your phone and look for people that may benefit from your work and /or people who are in contact with your audience and call them. Always start with what is in it for them? Why would they want to hire you?

2. Provide a Free coaching session to your target audience and provide massive value to them.

3. Find a Facebook group with your target audience and reach out to the group owner. Tell them who you are and how what you have can help their audience. Offer to do a few Free live trainings for their audience.

4. If you have a Facebook group (even with 5 members) start interacting in there HARD. Here are some tips

– Send a message to each one of your members introducing yourself and asking them why they joined the group.

– Offer them a 20min chat so you can get to know them better and answer their question ( not a sales call but a get to know you call).

5. Start hosting intimate dinners in your community with people you admire. Pay for dinner. They will naturally want to know what you do and how they can support you.

6. Partner with other coaches or industry folks who are not competitors but who can greatly benefit from your expertise. See how you can be an asset. Maybe you record a training that they can use as a bonus in their program. Build relationships.. It might take a little while but in the long run, it will pay off.

7. Build a relationship with people targeting the same folks like you who are at a higher price point than you. To build this relationship is super easy with the internet. Get in their group, get active, reach out to them and flatter them 😄. Then when you feel that you are at a great place with them.. Let them know what you do and your price point and say hey I know I am much lower than what u offer. Would u consider referring folks to me? This is a long shot. Because reputation is everything and before they are willing to do this most of them need to be super confident that you do great work.

8. Hosting challenges, giveaways, attending networking events, podcasts are other ways that you can grow your audience and get clients. I am not an expert on those and can’t give much insight and don’t know the last time I went to a networking event.

9. LinkedIn I know folks who have made crazy money using that platform for free. I hear it requires some work but can be done. I am not an expert on this but I am sure there must be training on this somewhere online.

10. Lastly, Getting someone to pay you has a lot to do with the trust like factor, your online credibility. People will google you and look you up. Make sure that everything matches. Be k with playing with different rates while you 🔨 build. Clients are everywhere 😄. Organic growth is slow and takes work and consistency but it can be done.